The vibrant tapestry of the social media landscape is one that constantly evolves, with platforms waxing and waning like phases of the moon. Not so long ago, the buzz revolved around “Threads” by Instagram, an app that promised an exclusive space for intimate sharing amongst close friends. However, its trajectory soon took an unexpected downturn.

The rise and fall of Threads by Instagram

The rise and fall of Threads by Instagram

Upon its release, Threads seemed poised for success. According to, the app gained over 150 million downloads within its first week. However, as the months passed, these figures stagnated, failing to keep pace with Instagram‘s main app or rival platforms. As with any social media venture, while the concept may have been sound, its execution left much to be desired.

Features: Falling behind in the race

Competing in the realm of social media is akin to participating in a grand marathon. Here, the Instagram Threads app found itself trailing. Rather than setting trends, the app often felt like it was playing catch-up, adopting a reactive approach instead of leading with innovation. Features that should have been intuitive and groundbreaking were overshadowed by existing offerings from competitors. For instance, its auto-status feature was overshadowed by Snapchat’s dynamic Bitmoji statuses and TikTok’s interactive location-based filters. Instead of standing as a trendsetter, Threads seemed lost in a sea of established giants.

Identity crisis: More than just Instagram’s shadow?

The challenge faced by Threads was not merely functional but existential. Was it merely an extension of Instagram or a standalone platform? This identity crisis confused users. While one could argue that its close connection to Instagram gave it a foundation, it also became its Achilles’ heel, preventing it from being perceived as unique.

Data and privacy woes

The digital age values data integrity. Unfortunately, Threads faced scrutiny over its data collection practices, especially regarding its “Auto Status” feature, which automatically updated user statuses based on their location and device data. Coupled with concerns over the EU’s GDPR compliance, this became a significant stumbling block for the app.

Pivoting in the world of digital content

Pivoting in the world of digital content

Drawing lessons from the IG thread narrative, brands must be adaptive. In the chaotic world of social media, brands must be agile and responsive, much like a seasoned content creator. And while platforms might come and go, mediums like video continue to reign supreme.

The timeless appeal of video

A study from HubSpot highlights that the number of online videos watched per week per person has almost doubled since 2018. Whether you’re a startup or an established brand, the magic of motion can’t be ignored. As brands navigate the intricate alleys of social media, a video production company could be their beacon. And what better medium than video — with its blend of visuals and sound — to convey a brand’s story with depth and emotion? 

Choosing your partner in creation

In the vast sea of content creation, the right ally is essential. Genesis Motion Design shines in this space. Beyond mere aesthetics, it’s about genuine resonance. We’re not just another social media content agency or animation studio; we’re storytellers at heart. Our collaborations — including those with Riot Games’ VALORANT Champions Tour Pacific and Lego APAC’s #PoseOffChallenge — showcase our calibre. Each video is crafted to echo with its intended viewers.

In the rapidly shifting world of social media, staying abreast of trends is crucial. With Genesis Motion Design by your side, your brand is assured of not just fitting in but standing out.

For brands charting their digital marketing course, one truth remains: Platforms evolve, but compelling stories are eternal. And as you embark on your storytelling journey, trust Genesis Motion Design to guide the way. Find out more about our 2D motion design and 3D graphics services today.