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Beautiful cinematic works. Powerful stories that stick forever. We double down on video production techniques that span heart-tugging to adrenaline-pumping. From early conceptualisation and storyboarding to helping you find the right talents — you can place your trust in our production house to take care of everything behind the scenes so your story takes the spotlight.

Get a Front-Row Seat to Your Most Impactful Work Yet

People only remember what they feel. We make every video a gripping memory by digging deep and bringing every story to the surface. From asking the right questions to the smallest nuanced touches that make a video human, we curate stories that always hit home.

Film production requires intensive collaboration from different professional teams. Years of expertise, valued industry collaborations, and access to the best in the field mean our production house’s got the best creative network in Singapore to help bring your vision to life.

Discover the range of bespoke video production services our company provide

Corporate Videos

Post-Production & Visual Effects Directing

Promotional Content

Corporate Event Coverage

Infographic Videos

Explainer Videos

Social Media Content

Bridge reel and real life with animation wizardry

Quality Corporate Video Production

Every company’s message and objectives are different but often bogged down with statistical data that require tedious reading. Blending animation with real-life footage is a mixed-media technique that can be used to unlock powerful characters or surreal environments. Depending on your creative vision, our video production house endeavours to birth unique interactions between people and animated protagonists in your corporate projects.

Used Cases and Applications Suited for Video Productions

Our video production services span various applications designed to create bold experiences and deeply engage your audience. Here are some of the core services our production house offers:
  • Explainer Videos

  • Infographics and Data Visualisation

  • Education and E-learning Content

  • Promotional Videos and Advertisements

  • Social Media Content

  • Out-of-home (OOH) Content

  • Augmented Reality (AR) Content

  • Virtual Reality (VR) Content

  • Mixed Reality (MR) Content

  • Digital Website Content

  • Corporate Video

  • Character Design

  • Environmental Design

  • Brand Activation

  • Event Screen Media

Why Choose Our Video Production Company in Singapore

Genesis Motion Design is a veteran in the field of video production. With our extensive experience and commitment to innovation, we offer unparalleled video production services. Our qualified team is seasoned in creating compelling video content that resonates with your target audience, elevating your brand identity. Trust in the expertise of our production house to bring your visions to life.


What to Expect

Our creative process is a blend of our vast experience, industry knowledge, and a deep understanding of your needs. We approach each project with a tailored strategy, employing best-in-class methodologies and tools to create captivating videos. Our notable video production projects testify to our capacity to produce top-tier work that aligns with your brand’s ethos and objectives. 


Expert Corporate Video Production Agency in Singapore

Genesis Motion Design takes immense pride in our accolades, reflecting our commitment to delivering superior video production services that bring out our clients’ company values and messaging. Our award-winning portfolio includes our Communicator Awards in 2020 for Scoot’s “Active Silvers” and Dansaek’s “Under The Spell”. Our innovation was further recognised at the 23rd Annual Webby Awards for Razer’s “Mamba and Firefly Hyperflux” and our own Genesis Manifesto in 2019. 

These recognitions underscore our commitment to creativity, quality, and excellence, making us an ideal partner for your video production needs.

Corporate Video Portfolio

Discover a collection of our exceptional corporate video production projects that demonstrate our ability to create compelling narratives and bring visions to life.

Injecting character in every frame

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Meet Our Founder, Creative & Animation Director

Benjamin Ang, Creative Director of Genesis Motion Design, has carefully reviewed the information on this page.

  • Founder, Creative & Animation Director of Genesis
  • Head of Business Development of Balance Studio
  • Forbes 30 Under 30 (Media, Marketing & Advertising)
  • Diploma in Motion Graphics & Broadcast Design
Boasting more than 10 years of experience in motion graphics, design, and animation, Benjamin embarked on his own journey in 2015 with the birth of Genesis Motion Design, a studio focused on brand-driven storytelling. His clientele ranges from Fortune 500 companies to SMEs around APAC and the US. He runs multiple businesses in both Singapore and Vietnam and has spoken at multiple design and marketing conferences.


Fuelled by a strong belief in collaboration and passion for innovation, Benjamin continually inspires—and is inspired by— other creatives and purpose-led game-changers in the industry.

Motion Graphics (2D & 3D Animation), Corporate Video Production, Social Media Content (Facebook, Instagram, Tiktok), Explainer videos, Infographics videos, Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality (AR & VR), Event Screen Content, etc.

Video Production Services FAQs

Through comprehensive audience research, our video production house crafts stories and visuals that align with viewer expectations, ensuring emotional resonance and desired response.
Our team blends industry expertise with an artistic sensibility, encouraging out-of-the-box thinking in every step of our video production services. 
Having worked with a variety of creatives and project managers across global teams, we are adept at utilising effective communication channels, clear project planning, and mutual respect to ensure smooth collaboration amongst all professionals.
Absolutely. At Genesis Motion Design, we handpick talent considering the brand, the specific character they are to portray, and the overarching storyline. After finalising the talent, our seasoned directors work closely with them, ensuring they deliver genuine and impactful performances that align perfectly with the narrative’s intent.
We use top-tier equipment, a skilled crew, and refined post-production techniques to ensure optimum cinematography, sound design, and post-production quality.
Certainly. At Genesis Motion Design, we utilise professional-grade microphones and sound recording devices. Moreover, our post-production process involves seasoned sound engineers who ensure audio clarity and precision, guaranteeing the highest quality, especially during interviews.
We use techniques like colour correction, sound design, special effects, and careful editing in the production process to enhance the overall aesthetics and narrative flow of corporate videos.
At Genesis Motion Design, we approach colour grading and correction with meticulous attention to detail. We align our process closely with your brand’s guidelines, ensuring not just visual consistency but also reinforcing brand identity throughout the entirety of the video.
Our editors employ techniques like match cuts, dissolves, and sound bridges to ensure smooth transitions and review every cut meticulously for a seamless final product.
We produce and format videos with varying platforms and screen sizes in mind, ensuring optimum viewing experience whether it’s on a website, a social media channel, or a mobile device.