As the yuletide season approaches, there’s a palpable buzz in the air. Retailers brace themselves for the crescendo of the year — the holiday shopping season. This bustling period is crucial for businesses, dictating the success or shortfall of their annual returns. However, as we step into a more digitised era, it’s no longer just about putting up twinkling lights and festive window displays. Holiday marketing campaigns, especially those video-centric, play a pivotal role in dictating a brand’s success during this period.

Why festive video campaigns resonate so strongly 

Why festive video campaigns resonate so strongly

Have you ever felt a lump in your throat or that gentle tug at your heartstrings while watching a Christmas campaign? That’s the psychology of emotional storytelling at play. Video campaigns, especially during festive periods, harness the power of emotional narratives. These narratives tap into our collective experiences, shared memories, and universal emotions of love, joy, and nostalgia. They transform a mere video advert into a touching story, making it more memorable and impactful. A simple ad then becomes a saga of shared values and sentiments, compelling viewers to align with the brand sharing those same values.

But, here’s the kicker: It’s not just about any video. Animation, in particular, adds a layer of magic to these campaigns. Both 2D motion design and 3D animation provide fluidity, vivacity, and a touch of whimsy that is often hard to capture with live-action alone.

Recognising the potential of this medium, many brands are turning to dynamic animation to make their holiday campaigns unforgettable.

Animation: Making products come alive

In the vast expanse of online retail, igniting customer curiosity is key. This is where animation, particularly 2D motion graphics, becomes invaluable. It offers a simple yet potent way to showcase a product’s functionality and uniqueness. Animated campaigns excel in highlighting intricate details, creating immersive scenarios, and weaving compelling narratives around products. This approach elevates items from mere catalogue entries to coveted festive must-haves.

Take, for instance, the Rimowa holiday campaign. This beautifully animated journey through different landscapes, with their signature luggage gliding alongside, perfectly illustrates the brand’s ethos of luxury travel. The subtle yet sophisticated use of animation not only showcases the product’s design but also evokes a sense of adventure and quality, attributes synonymous with the Rimowa brand. 

Kiehl’s, too, has dabbled in animation for their holiday campaigns, albeit in a different style. Their approach, often more playful and whimsical, resonates with their brand identity, appealing to a sense of joy and youthful energy. It demonstrates the brand’s commitment to engaging with its audience in a visually appealing and mentally stimulating manner.

In essence, when a holiday campaign utilises 2D motion design effectively, it transforms the viewing experience entirely. The audience isn’t just watching an advertisement; they’re being drawn into a narrative that accentuates the unique value of the product, presenting it as the perfect Christmas gift and urging viewers to make a purchase

The tangible benefits of festive video campaigns

One might wonder, amidst the vast array of marketing tactics available today, why place such an emphasis on video campaigns during the festive season? Well, the data speaks for itself:

  • Increased engagement: Videos, especially those imbued with emotional narratives, are more likely to be shared across social platforms. A captivating festive video can quickly gain traction, increasing brand visibility and fostering community engagement. In fact, Forbes reports that social videos can generate 1200% more shares than text and image content combined. 
  • Higher conversion rates: Animated video campaigns don’t just resonate; they convert. Shoppers are more inclined to purchase a product or service after viewing a compelling video about it. The immersive nature of videos also keeps potential customers on the page longer, leading to better conversion opportunities. A study by Aberdeen Group reveals that businesses which use videos achieved 54% higher lead-to-sale conversion ratios. 
  • Strengthened brand recall: A well-crafted festive video leaves an indelible imprint on viewers’ minds. It’s not just the product or service they remember, but the emotions evoked, the story told, and the brand behind it all. Google even reports that mobile video ads experienced more than double the ad recall of non-video ads. 
  • Diversified content strategy: Integrating animation and video into a brand’s content strategy offers a rich diversity, ensuring that audiences always have something fresh and engaging to look forward to.

In essence, holiday video campaigns are more than just about capturing the festive spirit. They offer a strategic advantage that can propel brands into the limelight, ensuring that they stand out in a saturated market. And in an era where digital presence is paramount, there’s no better time than the holidays to make a lasting impression.

Genesis Motion Design: Your festive video partner

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