In an era where digital content is king, video reigns supreme as the sceptre of brand communication. The corporate world has swiftly moved from static mediums to dynamic video storytelling, harnessing the power of motion picture to engage, inform, and inspire. Video is not just a marketing tool; it’s a narrative force that propels brand messaging into the limelight.

1. Pre-production: Planning your course

Pre-production: Planning your course

Embarking on a corporate video production is akin to setting sail on a grand voyage. The pre-production phase is the map and compass of this journey, a meticulous planning stage that sets the tone.

  • Understanding the objective: Clear objectives are the anchors of effective video content. They guide the script, influence the storyboard, and shape the planning process. Every corporate video must begin with a definitive goal: is it to educate, to advertise, to inspire, or to entertain?
  • Scriptwriting: The script is the soul of your video. A well-crafted script will not only relay information but will also engage viewers emotionally, urging them to act, feel, or think differently. This is where a brand’s voice is articulated, where messages are woven into narratives that resonate with audiences.
  • Storyboarding and planning: With the script as a guide, storyboarding translates written ideas into visual frames. It’s the first glimpse into the rhythm and flow of the narrative. Meanwhile, planning deals with the logistics — from schedules to set designs, casting to location scouting — ensuring the production phase can proceed without a hitch.

2. Production: Capturing the vision

Production: Capturing the vision

As the script moves from paper to performance, the production phase is where the vision materialises.

  • Choosing the right crew: Assembling a crew of seasoned professionals — from directors to camera operators, sound technicians to lighting experts — is crucial. They are the artisans who will sculpt your brand’s message into a visual masterpiece.
  • Equipment selection: The choice of equipment should align with the video’s intended impact. High-definition cameras, crisp sound recording devices, and precise lighting gear are the brushes and paints of the video world.
  • On-set dynamics: The chemistry on set can determine the success of the production. A harmonious set is a productive set, where creativity thrives and ideas come to life effortlessly.

3. Post-production: Sculpting the final piece 

Post-production: Sculpting the final piece 

Here, raw footage is transformed into a polished narrative.

  • Video editing: This is where the magic happens. Editors cut and combine footage, add transitions, and pace the video to ensure the story unfolds seamlessly. It’s a delicate balance between visual aesthetics, strategic technique, and narrative clarity.
  • Sound design: Sound design adds dimension to the visuals, enveloping the audience in an auditory experience that complements the visual storytelling.
  • Visual Effects and colour grading: These are the finishing touches that can make a video feel cinematic and refined, elevating the production value and enhancing the viewing experience.

4. Distribution: Finding the audience

Distribution: Finding the audience

In today’s digital landscape, a video’s success is intrinsically tied to its distribution strategy. This critical phase determines how and where your narrative will find its audience. Identifying the right platforms — from corporate websites to the bustling arenas of social media — is vital. 

Each serves a unique demographic and requires a bespoke approach to ensure your content reaches its intended viewers with precision. Partnering with a social media content creation agency is instrumental in this process, leveraging their expertise to maximise your video’s impact across platforms like LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram, where engaging content can thrive and catalyse conversation.

5. Measuring success: The end-game 

Measuring success: The end-game 

Post-launch, success is measured not just in views but in viewer engagement, lead generation, and conversion rates. Defining these KPIs beforehand gives clear metrics for assessing the video’s performance.

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