Remember the dancing M&M characters or the heartwarming adventures of the Coca-Cola polar bears? From catchy jingles to beloved mascots, the animation in iconic advertisements has left an indelible mark on our memories. Join us in exploring just how is animation used in advertising and how you can use it to capture your audience’s attention.

Why Animation works in Advertising

With so many avenues of advertising now available, what makes animation marketing such an evergreen, reliable mode to fall back on?

Four simple reasons:

  • It grabs attention: In a crowded media landscape, animation advertising stands out with its vibrant visual flair. Their eye-catching movement, colour, and creativity draw viewers in and hold their attention, captivating them more effectively than static images or even live-action footage. 
  • It simplifies complex ideas: Through clear and engaging visuals, animation advertising can break down intricate products, services, or concepts into easily understandable segments. This makes it an excellent tool for explainer videos that convey processes, features, and benefits in a straightforward manner.
  • It evokes emotion: Animation has a unique capacity to evoke emotions such as laughter, nostalgia, or excitement. The flexibility of animation allows for the creation of expressive characters and fantastical scenarios that resonate on an emotional level with the audience. This emotional connection can drive deeper engagement and loyalty.
  • It’s an effective method of brand building: Creating memorable animated characters and mascots is a powerful way to build a brand – just look at Singa the Kindness Lion, Sharity the Charity Elephant, the LTA’s Thoughtful Bunch, and so much more. These characters can become iconic representations of the brand, fostering a stronger connection with the audience. They serve as consistent brand ambassadors that can be used across various media and campaigns, reinforcing brand identity and recall.

Examples of successful Animation Advertising

{EMBED: Honda “Paper” by PES | Emmy Nominated Commercial}

There are numerous styles within animation advertising, each with its own unique appeal and effectiveness:

  • Traditional 2D cartoons for timelessness: These classic animations bring a sense of nostalgia and charm. An example is the Coca-Cola polar bears, first released in 1993, which have become synonymous with the brand’s holiday advertising.
  • Explainer videos with motion graphics for simplicity: These are particularly effective for tech companies and startups who need to break down and explain technical terms to a more generic audience. Dropbox’s very first explainer video used simple yet engaging motion graphics to explain its services, making the complex concept of cloud storage easy to understand.
  • 3D animation for captivating product demos: 3D animations provide a detailed and dynamic view of products. For instance, Apple’s iPhone 15 product demo animation showcases the phone’s sleek designs and innovative features in a visually compelling way.
  • Stop-motion for a quirky touch: Stop-motion animation can add a quirky and artistic feel to ads. The Honda “Paper” ad is a remarkable example, using stop-motion to creatively illustrate the brand’s history and innovation.

Of course, these are just general guidelines; there’s no rule of thumb that 2D animation has to be traditional or that stop-motion is only for upbeat, quirky brand voices. In fact, subverting those expectations can also make your ad more memorable to viewers! When working with an animation studio in Singapore, don’t hold back on the ideas because something one-of-a-kind might just come out of them.

When to use Animated Advertising

When to use Animated Advertising

While animation is great at engaging audiences, it doesn’t mean you have to use it all the time. Here are just some occasions when animated advertising might be used:

  • You’re targeting younger audiences: Animation as a medium speaks to the playful and imaginative nature of younger demographics. Brands like McDonald’s often use animated adverts to connect with younger audiences through fun and engaging stories.
  • You’re explaining a complex concept: When live-action cannot clearly convey a message, animation steps in as a powerful alternative. Its ability to visualise abstract concepts makes it invaluable for educational content and product explanations.
  • You’re working within budget considerations: Animation can sometimes be more cost-effective than live-action filming, especially when dealing with complex scenes or special effects. Without the need for sets, actors, or elaborate props, animation can streamline production costs while still delivering high-quality visuals.
  • You’re building a distinct brand identity: If your brand is fun, playful, or futuristic, animation can reflect these traits effectively. Brands like Slack and Spotify frequently use animated elements in their advertising to emphasise their innovative and user-friendly nature, helping them stand out in competitive markets.

Are Animated Ads effective?

So, are animated ads really as effective as they claim to be?

The research seems to agree, indicating that animated ads often result in higher engagement rates compared to static or live-action ads. According to one study by Renderforest, 2D animated videos increase conversion rates by 20%, while statistics from Dash App highlight that videos on social media receive up to 70% higher conversion rates when interactive elements are included​.

Additionally, despite being stylised, animation connects with viewers through universal emotions and storytelling. The exaggerated expressions and imaginative scenarios found in animation advertising can evoke empathy, joy, or excitement, making the message more memorable and impactful.

The key benefits of animated advertising are its ability to grab attention, simplify complex ideas, evoke emotions, and build strong brand identities. This versatility allows it to be used across various industries and for a wide range of marketing goals, elevating your run-of-the-mill advertising strategy into a wow!

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