2D Motion Graphics

Honey in the Summer


Vilas Entertainment


Magellan Rubin


Genesis Motion Design




The Brief

Nothing like some really wacky animation to set the tone for alternative rock trio PUBLIC (Vilas Entertainment). For the band’s new track “Honey in the Summer”, Magellan Rubin, creative director (Island Records) reached out to us requesting for help on animating a music video.


The Approach

“Honey in the Summer” is a quintessential summer anthem packed with bright guitar riffs and a catchy chorus. We really wanted a blend of real-life film and 2D motion graphics to maximise the quirkiness and fun the band portrayed through their music.

Despite being located in a different country and timezone, we were able to ideate and share ideas with Magellan for the offline shoot, giving him a good idea of the scenes and actions the members of PUBLIC would be filming. In turn, we were sent the raw edit film to piece together with various elements after. The final piece was a splendid myriad of colour and personality, bringing together fun graphical overlays and animated scribble effects that raked up close to 300,000 views on YouTube.