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The Brief

The world’s leading lifestyle gaming brand is no stranger to the demanding needs of gamers. We were contacted by our longtime friends at Razer to work on a video detailing the journey of Razer switches. From the very first Razer Mechanical Switch way back in 2014, to the latest game-changing Razer Analog Optical Switch with the Razer Huntsman V2 Analog.


The Approach


The science and engineering behind the brand’s latest optical switches is a true feat. We wanted to capture the essence of Razer’s decade-long innovation, first focusing on a walk down memory lane to recap the various switches that Razer has introduced over the years.

To spotlight the new Razer Analog Optical Switches, we illustrated the differences between optical and traditional switches with various animations and scenarios for easy reference. Instinctive visual cues like speed bars and measuring scales were utilised to highlight lightning-fast actuation and more granular control with Razer’s optical switches. The video drew over 130,000 views from the Razer community—many sharing their enthusiasm and support for the brand’s endeavour to excel. We were definitely proud to be a part of this one!