2D Animation

For Victory




Another Circus


Genesis Motion Design & YETI Pictures




The Brief

We were engaged to promote FCSB, a Romanian professional football club based in Bucharest, as part of their partnership with Betano, a Greece-based online gaming platform.


The Approach

We really wanted to bring the collaboration between Betano and FCSB together. We were first inspired by Betano itself—being based in Athens gave us the perfect culturally rich sports history to work with. After discussing with our friends from YETI Pictures (coincidentally also based in Athens, Greece), we decided to conceptualise the FCSB football players loosely modelled after ancient soldiers charging into battle and infiltrating “The City” to obtain the ultimate win.

We designed players/soldiers in armoury inspired by FBSC colours, and also included animals like the eagle—an ode to Romania’s coat of arms—in FCSB’s pursuit for victory. This was a fun piece that amassed over 114,000 views on YouTube, and we thoroughly enjoyed the metaphorical battle that exemplified FCSB and Betano’s join spirit for winning.