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The Brief

Singtel is one of Singapore’s four major mobile network operators and at the constant forefront of retail transformation efforts. We had the privilege of working on the promotional video for Singtel’s 5G services and spotlight their self-service 5G-powered retail store, UNBOXED.


The Approach

UNBOXED as a concept pioneers transformative retail. Singtel set up a modular “box” store in the heart of town allowing customers to browse and purchase 5G services and handsets in store—all at their own convenience.

To marry both the retail concept and Singtel’s 5G prowess on the whole, we tapped on inspiration from isometric art and 2D animation to demonstrate a variety of everyday scenarios powered by a single networker platform. Whether it’s downloading a movie on the train or gaming online with friends, Singtel’s powerful 5G network provides up to 10X faster data speeds.