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It All Started When




TBWA / Be Grizzlee


Genesis Motion Design




The Brief

Everyone’s got a music origin story—and Spotify is a game changer at revolutionising the listening experience and uncovering new music for users all over the world. The music streaming platform commissioned us the ultra cool job of coming up with fun, relatable stories that resonate with anyone who loves listening to music.


The Approach

For many of us, Spotify is the music app that introduces many firsts. It’s how we started fuss-free streaming on the go, listening to our favourite artists, and more—and we wanted to focus on that simple yet engaging experience.

We used 2D animation and colours that spoke to Spotify’s warm and human-centred design to create relatable stories that highlight how everyday folks listen to their favourite tunes, explore music genres, discover new artists based on their interests, and even find music based on their moods.