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Elastopan® Insoles




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The Brief

For more than forty years, BASF has developed and produced high-performance footwear for the most demanding users. In addition to producing their own footwear, BASF also owns Elastopan® PU systems, proprietary tailor-made polyurethane foam systems that serve as the backbone for high-performance, sustainable insoles for producers of a variety of shoes—including Brooks, FIla and Blundstone. We were presented with the opportunity to spotlight BASF’s exciting innovation and elevated possibilities of the footwear industry.


The Approach

The hero video needed to be dynamic and vibrant to be a true representation of BASF’s slogan—Excite to Win.

To spotlight the ethos and technology behind Elastopan® intensive research and design, we first conceptualised and modelled BASF’s insoles to help viewers get a closer look at the flexibility, shape, and PU gel integrated within the insole that promotes ergonomic comfort. We then paired the 3D models with various imagery for better visualisation—from textures to the different users who stand to benefit from Elastopan® insoles.