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The Brief

To celebrate and empower women all around the Asia Pacific region, Facebook hosted the Women@ Leadership Day conference at Marina Bay Sands. The brief was to capture the heartfelt stories and experience from some of the most inspirational minds around, celebrating the women who inspire in all they do.


The Approach

Together with the creative folks at Facebook, we collaborated on the end-to-end production of the event. This included sound design, film production, and motion graphics to share heartfelt stories and experiences from some of the greatest minds around — located all across Asia. With the visual real estate to explore on event day, we also conceptualised and created stage graphics across 6 unique screens that dynamically interacted with each other, deeply engaging the audience with the interviews and enthralling them with transitions that blended beautifully together.

Fun fact: The entire experience saw our team flying around 9 countries and 11 cities around the entire Asia Pacific region in two weeks!