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Dive into the transformative world of event production, where we harness creativity, technology, and strategic insight to elevate your events beyond the ordinary. Our mission is to deliver unparalleled services to bring you experiences that engage, inspire, and leave a lasting impact on your audience.


Orchestrating unforgettable moments

Your event, reimagined

Envision a team that transforms static announcements into dynamic conversations, elevating your event from a mere date on the calendar to a thriving community dialogue. Here, events become stories, shared and reshaped in real-time, igniting discussions and building anticipation. We venture beyond conventional marketing tactics, embedding your event's essence into every tweet, post, and share. This isn't just about broadening your audience; it's about creating a resonant narrative that captivates and engages, ensuring your event lives on in memory and conversation long after the final curtain.

Backend coding for interactive displays

Screen content

Social media content

Marketing content

Broadcast packages

Brand packages

Content partnerships

Spotlight on excellence: deep dive into our event production services

In the world of event production, we’re all about mixing the best of both worlds, blending the cool vibes of innovation with the timeless touch of craftsmanship. Think of us as the folks who bring a dash of old-school charm to the high-tech party. Our philosophy? Every event should be more than just an occasion; it should be a memorable journey that sticks with you. We're not just ticking boxes on a service list; we're a company that creates experiences that resonate on a deeper level, spark emotions, and leave everyone talking long after the lights go out. It’s this approach that guides our every move, helping us to reimagine what your event can be and turn it into something truly memorable.

Videography and film coverage

Launch videos

Projection mapping

LED stage screen content

Interactive experiences

Gamification activations

Use Cases and Applications

Event production services: who benefits?

At Genesis Motion Design, we’re here to turn the ordinary into the extraordinary, offering event production services that not only stand out but genuinely benefit our clients:


  • Corporate event planners aiming to elevate seminars and conferences into immersive experiences that foster engagement and drive collaboration.
  • Concert organisers focused on creating visually and acoustically captivating performances that linger in memory long after the final note.
  • Brands and marketing companies seeking innovative ways to launch products and build lasting brand loyalty through memorable event experiences.
  • Educational and non-profit organisations striving to inform and inspire their audience with impactful messages delivered through creative event solutions.
  • Trade show exhibitors looking to differentiate themselves with interactive displays and engaging presentations that attract and retain visitor attention.
  • Virtual event hosts embracing the digital shift with dynamic virtual experiences that capture the essence of live interaction and participation.

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Dive into our extensive portfolio to witness firsthand the creativity, innovation, and technical prowess we bring to every project. From corporate events transformed into engaging experiences to concerts and festivals elevated through stunning visuals and interactive displays, our work speaks volumes of our commitment to excellence and innovation in event production.

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Why choose our event production services

At the heart of what we do, creativity and innovation act as the driving force, launching us to the leading edge of event production. Opting for our event production services translates to joining forces with a crew deeply committed to transforming your vision into reality, infused with meticulous precision, boundless creativity, and an unwavering pursuit of excellence. We’re here to ensure that the final outcome not only meets but surpasses your expectations, leaving a lasting impact on all who partake.

Besides event production, our skill set spans from quality esports video production and dynamic 3D animation to creative content production solutions. This dedication elevates your content, setting it as a standard for contemporary storytelling and digital artistry. By partnering with us, your brand is not just kept in step with the times; it’s set to captivate and connect with audiences well into the future, ensuring that what you offer today remains impactful and engaging tomorrow.

Meet Our Founder, Creative & Animation Director

Benjamin Ang, Creative Director of Genesis Motion Design, has carefully reviewed the information on this page.

  • Founder, Creative & Animation Director of Genesis
  • Head of Business Development of Balance Studio
  • Forbes 30 Under 30 (Media, Marketing & Advertising)
  • Diploma in Motion Graphics & Broadcast Design
Boasting more than 10 years of experience in motion graphics, design, and animation, Benjamin embarked on his own journey in 2015 with the birth of Genesis Motion Design, a studio focused on brand-driven storytelling. His clientele ranges from Fortune 500 companies to SMEs around APAC and the US. He runs multiple businesses in both Singapore and Vietnam and has spoken at multiple design and marketing conferences.


Fuelled by a strong belief in collaboration and passion for innovation, Benjamin continually inspires—and is inspired by— other creatives and purpose-led game-changers in the industry.

Motion Graphics (2D & 3D Animation), Corporate Video Production, Social Media Content (Facebook, Instagram, Tiktok), Explainer videos, Infographics videos, Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality (AR & VR), Event Screen Content, etc.

Event video solutions FAQs

Absolutely! Our event production services are all about customisation. We work closely with you to understand the essence of your event’s theme and objectives, enabling us to create screen content that not only aligns with but enhances your theme. From dynamic motion graphics and captivating video sequences to custom-branded visuals, we ensure that every piece of content reflects the unique personality and message of your event.
Yes, we specialise in producing live broadcast packages that bring your event to a wider audience with professionalism and flair. Our team manages all aspects of the live broadcast, including multi-camera setups, live streaming, and real-time content mixing. We utilise the latest technology to ensure a high-quality broadcast that engages virtual attendees, making them feel as though they’re part of the action.
Forming content partnerships for events involves a strategic approach where we identify and collaborate with brands, influencers, and content creators that align with your event’s theme and goals. By leveraging these partnerships, we can enrich your event with a variety of content, from expert talks and workshops to entertaining performances and demonstrations. These collaborations not only enhance the event experience but also extend its reach and impact through cross-promotion.
Integrating gamification into event activations involves creatively embedding game mechanics and dynamics into the event structure to enhance engagement and participation. We design custom games and challenges that are relevant to your event’s objectives, encouraging attendees to interact more deeply with the content, the brand, and each other. Whether through mobile apps, interactive kiosks, or online platforms, our gamification strategies are tailored to deliver fun, memorable experiences that promote learning, networking, and brand interaction.