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The Brief

In our relentless pursuit of staying at the forefront of technology and creativity, we dived headfirst into the world of decentralization, cryptocurrency, and non-fungible tokens (NFTs). Our mission was clear: grasp and apply the technological intricacies of Ethereum smart contracts, and generate a multitude of animated imagery, all while creating a project that resonates with a broader audience.


The Approach

Armed with a background in advertising and marketing, we harnessed our industry expertise to orchestrate social media marketing campaigns. Simultaneously, we fostered public relations and collaborations with key opinion leaders (KOLs) and various established communities in the same sphere.

The result? A peak following of 125K on X (formerly Twitter), establishing Beat Bots as a recognized force within the Web3 space—an evolving project that demands attention.


followers on X


unique images generated


partnerships established



Keeping to the status quo of NFT projects, we meticulously crafted a pre-reveal that we believed encapsulated the essence of our project—a time machine. Within this realm, vivid representations of cherished memories began to cascade into the minds of our audience.

Picture this: a PlayStation one controller, a Pokeball, a GameBoy—welcome to the essence of our project, a millennial favourite blind box. This pre-reveal is a tantalising glimpse into a world where cherished memories unfold, wrapped in the allure of mystery and nostalgia.


Marketing Materials

In tandem with our public relations initiatives, we embarked on the pivotal task of shaping the identity of Beat Bots. Formulating effective marketing strategies was crucial to both generate excitement and provide clarity regarding our purpose and whitepaper. We meticulously shared bite-sized, condensed information, gradually revealing details to sustain our audience's attention amidst the clamor for visibility on crowded platforms.

Our content strategy extended beyond mere engagement prompting; it aimed to stir nostalgia. We curated content that prompted our audience to reflect on the cherished moments of their childhood. This intentional approach not only encouraged active participation but also cultivated a deep connection, fostering personal interest and engagement in our brand.